What I offer


Naturally arched eyebrows

With a shapely and fine hair line, irregular, sparse to absent eyebrows are enhanced to produce a perfect shape and natural volume. It should like your own eyebrow hair. The shape of your eyes will be perfected by the eyebrows and will give your face more radiance. An optical lifting can be achieved by raising the brows.

Eyelash Enhancing

For naturally glowing eyes.

For optical eyelash enhancement, the edge of the eyelashes is outlined exactly at the base of the eyelashes and then pigmented. Your eyelashes will appear thicker and fuller. The expressive power of your eyes will be enhanced.


Naturally big eyes.

A further possibility is the pigmentation of the eyelid line. The form and intricacies of the eyelid line are individually matched to the harmony of your face and your personal wishes.


Naturally well-formed lips

A non-existent or faded lip correction can be pigmented and the symmetry of the mouth can be perfected. In order to achieve a natural result, the pigment colour is matched to your own lip colour and mixed individually.