Before/ After

Before the treatment

An averagely attractive face, however without any characterising features.
There are no enhancing accents that make a face unmistakable.

After the treatment

A fascinating and beautiful face; in which irregularities are balanced harmoniously and characteristic features are enhanced naturally. The face is now unmistakable and radiates with expressive and sensual beauty.
Unfortunately it occurs time and again that clients do not reflect that they are placing their face in the hands of the pigmentologist, and do not check his/her experience and thus can lead to distortion.
In most cases it is very difficult to undertake corrections, and often even impossible. Permanent make-up carried out by a derma pigmentologist gives you the assurance that the person performing the work complies strictly with the regulations set down by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), (training, hygiene inspection, Q-label, colours, etc.). In the whole of Switzerland there are 23 persons who are permitted to bear the title (as of November 2011). The title derma pigmentologist should help interested people to decide and at the same time provide a seal of approval.